• Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'Golden Fan'

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Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'Golden Fan'

  • Product Code: Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'Golden Fan'
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    Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'Golden Fan'.Tolumnia are beautiful hybrid  miniature oncidiums also called as Dancing Girls.Tolumnia Jairak Flyer 'Golden Fan',is having beautiful flowers with a shape of dancing girl having beautiful combination of colours.Do not cut off the spikes if the flowers fall or dry up, the nodes on the spikes can give more flowers till the spikes dry up completely.This plant is of blooming size  potted in miniature pots but not delivered with Buds or Flowers,Refer picture for plant size. Read disclaimers mentioned below in more info.

  • Rs.200